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The gancanagh will play the soul
Here love take my hand, are you lost or simply curious?
I am Alaric Seer known as the Gancanagh
or love talker. Though I am Fae I belong to no court, and my main purpose is that of pleasure.
Independent OC roleplay blog, will RP with anyone but be warned this blog is nsfw and sometimes triggering. Please read about page before RP. Faceclaim: Ben Barnes.
M!A: none

I have to work on this shit omfg

Anonymous sent:

Omg what? No, shh, you are perf and I love your muses on all of your blogs they are amazing just like the mun.


Your character has faked their own death and run away. After months of isolation, how would your character react to mine knocking on their door late one night?



honestly I feel subpar and useless on this blog.

I cant finish threads, I cant get motivation, and compared to all my partners I have a long way to go.

Its just hard to enjoy myself when I see that everyone else is better, and I’m not improving.

anyway, I’m just going to go to bed.

gracedxwraith sent:

24, 26

24. “Being an asshole”

26. “as if I am foolish enough to keep a journal”

Anonymous sent:

miss you. hope you are well, jaymes.

Come off anon~

replies or sleep…

working on a new mask

not done obviously

immortalmaidens sent:

A recurring dream you’d had?

"I dream of drowning"

Dig Deeper (ask the characters)
1: Something you’ve had constant nightmares about? In vivid detail?
2: Something you’ve started to realize about yourself?
3: A quote that sums you up as a whole?
4: A quote that reminds you of ____?
5: A song that brings you to tears?
6: Most physical pain you’ve had to endure?
7: Most mental pain you’ve had to endure?
8: Do you consider yourself an open individual?
9: If there is someone you want right now, if you could tell them so, would you?
10: Someone who makes you happy effortlessly?
11: Something that hurts you to think about?
12: Defense mechanisms? Do you have any?
13: A song that describes all that you’ve had to go through with ___?
14: A love song that gives you hope?
15: Happiest memory?
16: Ever been friends with someone you never knew the name of?
17: Thoughts on death.
18: Thoughts on life.
19: Thoughts on affection/intimacy.
20: You like to avoid… (finish sentence)
21: A time when you felt the most needed?
22. A time when you felt the most yourself?
23: Something you will always regret?
24: Bad habits?
25: A recurring dream you’d had?
26: Share a journal entry.
27: Share a picture from your personal photo album.