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The gancanagh will play the soul
Here love take my hand, are you lost or simply curious?
I am Alaric Seer known as the Gancanagh
or love talker. Though I am Fae I belong to no court, and my main purpose is that of pleasure.
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A teenage boy who looks very much like a younger version of Sebastian with emerald eyes comes up behind Alaric and apes him on the shoulder. "Um, my sister insisted that I come talk to you for some reason..." (i apologize ahead of time for Loki's children)

Alaric turned, his lips turned down in a frown “Your sister? Who-” and then he really saw the other “who are you”

Please distract me

The key’s to power


James was in his office, when he heard a knock at his door. “Sir, I have your guest screened and here for you, sir.” the unknown airman voice called out to him, “Enter” He said quickly.

He was slightly irritated about being made to wait, and more than annoyed by the look he got from reception, but Alaric could wait. An easy grin poured onto his lips at the sight of James, and it took serious restraint to stand politely “I thought you’d never call for me… Sir”

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Bad times ahead (open war!verse)



His eyes narrowed ever so slightly “Is that a threat then darling? Kill them if you like, it will save me the trouble, but make sure they are actually dead” it was freeing to have finally cast off his mask, the sweet words and seemingly caring personality. Alaric was more himself then ever before “A disappointment, but not at all a surprise. Tell me pet, why do you care so much about this war ending? You live among mortals, this should not concern someone so obviously soft

"Threat? Oh, no, I wouldn’t kill your family. Not unless I have reason to.” He was fond of the two, but he wouldn’t say that out loud, not even when it seemed already too obvious. He didn’t want to endanger their lives by making them seem important. His statement, of course, applied not only to the two, but also to Alaric’s sons.

With a smile painted on his lips, Irial regarded the person before him. He wondered why instead of simply starting his own court he wanted to war with the others, but he had a quick answer. Alaric didn’t seem like one who would be content in that. He could be wrong, but he did not dare to ask. “I have to admit, people come up with the most interesting things to describe me,” he said, eyes filling with laughter. Soft is a new one, I’ll give you that. And pet—I’d kindly ask you not to refer to me that way.”

He bared his teeth in a devilish grin. "I care about the safety of the people I care about, mortal, fey, and everything in between. If it didn’t affect them, I wouldn’t be here personally." He shrugged his shoulders. “But that isn’t how things are. You are disturbing balance, Alaric. Leave things as they are, and stop before it’s too late.”

"Interesting, I dont remember asking what you preferred I call you. You are a worm to be crushed beneath my heel, so forgive me if I do not afford you any real respect" he pulled off his gloves and slid them in his pockets. If things got bloody he preferred to keep the enchanted gloves clean. "You allow halflings to lead normal lives, and you fell for a mortal girl, I have been doing my research as well. All that to me suggests weakness"

He cocked his head “Have you been to the old Unseelie court? Where the oldest of our kind live? Had you been there, you would know exactly why I am doing what I am” Alaric grinned “Balance? Balance is not in my blood, nor in my plans. I serve a goddess of war, there is no hope of peace while she or I live” his eyes darkened “Stay out of my way or I will tear you limb from limb and feast on your heart”

Send me “You’ve been a bad boy/girl.” For my muses reaction to yours saying this as they shove them against a wall.

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                                                    When I was nine I learned survival
                                                            Taught myself not to C A R E 
                                                      I was my single good companion
                                                            Taking my comfort there


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"I’m the Alpha, you’re the Omega, I give the orders and you follow them."
“You’re my Omega, and mine alone.”
“As an Alpha, I have the right to claim you, the Omega, and you know that, don’t you?”
“I gotta say, you have a really, really strong scent, even for an Omega.”

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"Take me" ((because why not? Also hi :P))

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"Treat me like a toy"

"I don’t want you to be gentle…I want you to be rough with me" he grinned, every bit as devilish as his voice "Come on then"